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Environment Therapy Project
& Chinese Feng Shui

Conceptual projects forArchitectureIt isinterior designusing the techniques of harmonizing environments for the construction, renovations and decoration of commercial and industrial buildings, laboratories, offices, stores, schools, offices and show rooms.


Environment Therapy & Chinese Feng Shui Project developed for homes



Water and Mountain Dragons Technique

Development of a Landscaping Project to increase the quality of Qi energy into the property, bringing health, vitality and high frequency using Authentic Chinese Feng Shui techniques.
In this technique, all garden planning is carried out based on the directions of the property on the land and the choice of species, height, texture and colors of plants, in addition to the correct positioning of elements such as pool, fountains, fireplace, accent points and Enlightenment is carried out to optimize energies that come from salutary directions and neutralize the influence of energies that come from harmful directions.

Solimar Leão Feng Shui Landscaping Project_Shan Shui Long Pai

"Composition of the Garden based on the Balance of the 5 Elements"



The Landscaping Project involves the art of creation and composition, for better distribution of areas and elements in space, in order to obtain a functional, aesthetic and at the same time unique, visually attractive set, with harmony, unity, rhythm and beauty.

Luxurious Garden



Landscaping Projects are developed to increase the quality of energy that comes from the external environment and penetrates the property, based on the choice of the best plant species for each purpose and the correct arrangement of vegetation in the locations.

In the Feng Shui Project for Landscaping,

the 5 elements are positioned

in harmony in the garden:

WATER (exact location for the pool, fountains, lakes)

FIRE (fireplace, fireplace, barbecue)

METAL (sculptures, decorative elements)

EARTH (masonry structures)

WOOD (arrangement of all plants)

Each of the 5 elements is positioned in the exact location to harmonize the property as a whole.


This arrangement depends on the Numerological Map of the property through the Xuan Kong Fei Xing Technique and the Regency of each door and window through the Shan Shui Long Pai technique.

In addition to being exuberant and sophisticated,

Zen Gardens have contemplative spaces for meditation and areas that increase the inner energy bringing calm, peace, comfort, joy and bliss.



When developing a personalized Landscaping Project with Feng Shui, unique, special, welcoming spaces and contemplative gardens are created that stimulate interaction, awaken the 5 senses and provide comfort and well-being to residents.



The projects are developed in Autocad based on careful planning of:


- Areas of use (barbecues, lounges, fireplace, vegetable gardens, solarium, pergola, swimming pool, terraces)

- Definition of floors , paths, furniture;

- Choice of the most suitable plant species according to aesthetic aspects (style, colors, textures);

- Functional aspects (soil, degree of luminosity, existing vegetation, need for shading, maintenance, privacy, wind barrier, noise, drainage and erosion control).