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Projects & Services

I develop conceptual Environmental Therapy Projects using the techniques of Authentic Chinese Feng Shui and Geobiology for Architecture, Interior Design and Landscaping. In addition, we offer Post-Project Consulting and fundamental Preliminary Analysis before renting or purchasing a property to check in advance the compatibility of the location with the users and their purposes.


Understand exactly how the Complete Environmental Therapy Project is developed to Interior Design and also for Landscaping:

Feng Shui Projects for Home

Conceptual Environmental Therapy & Feng Shui project for construction, decoration or landscaping of houses and apartments.

Casas Modulares de Luxo
edifícios comerciais

Business Feng Shui

Conceptual Environmental Therapy & Feng Shui project for the construction, decoration or renovation of companies, offices, stores and commercial buildings.

Landscape Design Projects

Chinese Feng Shui project for residential or commercial landscaping, Zen gardens, external macro project for subdivisions and external areas.

feng shui paisagismo.jpg
MOCKUP 1 ANÁLISE PRÉVIA Solimar Leão_edited_edited.jpg

& Previous Analysis

Post-Project Feng Shui Consultancy and Previous Analysis before renting or purchasing residential or commercial properties.

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