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This website does not guarantee that its content is appropriate or available for use in other locations outside Brazilian territory; also disclaims responsibility for access to the Website from territories where yourcontent is illegal, with the entire burden of use falling on the “USER”.

We are committed to our customers to ensure excellence in our services provided and, above all, to the security of their registration data. That's why we use advanced technologies and rely on the expertise of several professionals who value the security of our entire system, providing you with an excellent shopping experience. We operate with strict privacy policies in all our processes, ensuring that your registration data is never sold, exchanged or disclosed to third parties. 

The personal and confidential data you provide when registering or when placing an order are exclusively intended to save you time for your next orders. At any time, you can modify this information or request its deletion. The personal data of others nominated by you to send gifts are kept only to allow their reuse, without time limit. Under no circumstances will this website use these names and addresses for prospecting or promotional purposes carried out by other companies. 

Information about the products is organized on the website in a clear, precise manner and in Portuguese, including: Product Name, Illustrative Photo, Product Value, Product Description, Usage Rules for Users, as well as others information relating to the product offered.





Products that are not available for sale will be clearly identified with the “Out of Stock” seal. This identification is displayed in the upper or lower corner of the image.product. All products that do not bear the “Sold Out” seal are available for sale. The availability or otherwise of a product for sale may vary over time. This site does not guarantee that a previously available product will remain available until the end of the campaign, but will indicate it when it is no longer available. Likewise, a product that is unavailable at a given moment (identified with a “Sold Out Product” seal) may become available again, with express indication on the website. As explained above, the products will be available when they are within the campaign deadline, and once the campaign is sold out, they will be identified with the “product sold out” seal and may even be unavailable on the website.


The shipping system used by the website will be the Post Office and the shipping cost is informed by entering the zip code of the address, after inserting the items and respective quantities in the shopping cart, and whose value will be calculated and charged according to the location, shipping method and volume/weight.


Delivery time varies depending on the city, state and type of shipping chosen at the time of purchase. This period starts counting from the authorization made by the credit card administrator or confirmation of payment by the financial institution. Release by the card administrator can take up to 24 hours. Purchases made and approved by midnight will be dispatched on the next business day. Orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays will be dispatched on the first business day following authorization from the credit card administrator or financial institution.

IMPORTANT:It is extremely important that the customer provides a valid and frequently used email and a valid cell phone, as all communication with the customer regarding product delivery will be done through these channels.

The customer will receive an informative email with the Post Office tracking code to track delivery on the same day it was posted. 

Delivery will be made according to the deadline determined by the post office for the region's zip code. At the time of purchase, the customer can choose which delivery method they wish (PAC, SEDEX, SEDEX 10, etc.).

Check our table (counting from card or bank approval), for postage from the Post Office with SEDEX option: 

- São Paulo – capital and metropolitan region: 1 to 7 business days;

- Interior of the state of São Paulo: 1 to 7 business days;

- Amazonas, Maranhão, Roraima: up to 15 working days;

- Other states in Brazil: 1 to 10 business days;

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm.


Orders sent via the Post Office are entitled to 3 (three) official delivery attempts (registered by the Post Office system) at the address indicated by the buyer, the dynamics of which will be linked to the operational conditions of the region. 

The delivery time is linked to working days (including Saturday mornings for some busy locations), with the exception of particular periods such as the end of the year, periods of interruption or resumption of activities after the same, or reasons of force majeure (such as adverse weather conditions or limiting political-social situations). 

If there is no one available at the location to receive the order during the three official delivery attempts, the recipient will receive, during the last unsuccessful one, a notice with the deadline and address for personal collection of the object (in this case, the Post Office unit responsible for delivery). 

Delivery may be made to third parties who are on site, such as relatives and doormen, as long as they accept the product and sign the receipt with their full name and document number. 

Completing the registration and delivery address is the customer's sole responsibility. It is up to the website, in order to offer an exemplary service, to correct/adjust data/spellings in accordance with official Correios records (street, neighborhood, city, zip code) so that there is no type of conflict of information that could harm or delay the shipping conditions of the order. 

This website undertakes to post at the Post Office with which it has a service contract and is ready to monitor the shipping process until delivery is completed through the information system provided by the Post Office. In the event of a delay in delivery (expiry of the official deadline), this website will be responsible for opening complaints in the Correios system demanding the completion of the shipment and monitoring its progress, where the customer will always be informed about new deadlines and conditions.  ;



Payment by credit card - the delivery period stipulated on the website comes into force from the date of confirmation of payment by the financial institution. Purchases can be paid in interest-free installments on your credit card in up to 3 installments with a minimum installment of R$100.00 and purchases over R$1,000.00 in up to 5 installments.

PayPal -  The delivery period stipulated on the website comes into force from the date of confirmation of payment by the financial institution. PayPal offers the option for the customer to be able to split it up to 12 installments, with interest accruing. If the customer chooses to pay in installments of more than 3 installments using PayPal, the amount of interest will depend exclusively on this financial entity and will be added to each installment. The fee will be informed at check-out before the customer enters their card details for payment.

Bank deposit – the order will only be released after the deposit or transfer into a legal account has been released by the bank's system.

NOTE. All deadlines above will be increased by 01 (one) business day in the case of federal, state and municipal holidays.



All packaging is sealed with special tapes and protected from any form of tampering. Upon receipt of delivery, if you identify any form of tampering with the packaging without official communications from the Post Office justifying this condition, immediately notify our Customer Service Center. 



Vouchers are only valid for the period announced when issued or in a special sales campaign. An extension or transfer to another sales campaign is not possible.

Vouchers are not transferable.

Vouchers cannot be deducted from delivery costs.

Vouchers may be linked to a minimum order value. For administrative reasons, it is not possible to refund remaining amounts.

If the value of your order exceeds the balance of a voucher, you can top up the difference using available payment methods.

Vouchers are not paid in cash and are not subject to interest.

Vouchers will not be refunded whether you return the goods in whole or in part, or if the goods can only be delivered in part.

Lost vouchers, or specifically stolen ones, will not be refunded. The "SOLIMAR LEÃO" website assumes no responsibility for lost vouchers.

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